Our Lady of Good Counsel GNS

Ferrybank, Waterford

We were inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky and we created ‘Kandinsky Trees’

Kandinsky was an abstract artist who thought a lot about what colour means and how they make people feel. We really enjoyed our art lesson.

This week balance some of the girls began to use the balance bikes. They learned about balance and had lots of fun! All the girls are looking forward to using the bikes in the coming weeks.

Des and Ivan from BAM Ireland came to talk to us on Thursday about the developing infrastructure in Ferrybank. We are very excited about the new roads, new foot bridge and train station. We will also have very close access to the Greenway. Ivan also spoke to us about road safety and the importance of following the road signs and keeping ourselves safe. We look forward to the new bridge arriving in September. Exciting times here in Ferrybank!