Our Lady of Good Counsel GNS

Ferrybank, Waterford

It feels like we just started off together at the start of the year and now the end is almost here. What a wonderful year it has been full of new experiences, new learning, new opportunities and a whole lot of fun along the way. The girls arrived each day with a smile on their face and brightened up each and every day.

This has been another busy term with lots of outdoor adventures as the weather picked up. In P.E. the girls were learning some orienteering skills and learned to work as a team to succeed in completing tasks.

The girls finished their final genres in English– Persuasive and Procedural. They took great care in their presentation and even got to impress some of the younger and older classes, as well as the teachers! They persuaded children and teachers that ‘Spring is the most important season’ and also explained ‘How to plant a seed’ step-by-step.

To finish off our year of History the girls did a timeline of all the memories of 2nd class. They discussed all their memories in groups, decided which ones were more important and then put them in order. Following this, they drew a timeline from September to June and drew images and captioned these events. We also had some fun this term learning about old playground games. To celebrate May, they girls learned a dance called ‘Here we go gathering nuts in May’. Why not ask the girls about the Hawthorn bush and the bunch of flowers! They also learned another playground game called ‘The big ship sailed on the alley-alley-oh’. To finish these lessons, the girls asked parents and grandparents about games they used to play when they were young and they shared these with 2nd class.

In Science we discovered the many habitats that there are in our school environment. Second class’s focus is ‘Walls and Paths’. At first, the girls wondered what plants and animals live by paths and walls, but with lots of equipment on board, we discovered a lot of new plants and minibeast live in these areas. We used equipment such as pooters, flytraps, magnifying glass, bug viewers and nets, as well as some minibeast keys, tree and plant identifiers, and google lens. We discovered clover mites (the real name for blood suckers!), woodlice, ants, worms, snails, ivy leaved toadflax, moss, ivy, forget me nots…to name but a few!

In connection with our English procedures, we planted some seeds. We grew some Garden peas and Sunflowers. These will move out to out outdoor garden and hopefully we will have something to see in September!

The girls were set a challenge in Art and were given two skewers, paper, cellotape, crepe paper, string and colours. They had to discuss what they could make with these items. After some of them guessed, a kite, I then asked them to figure out how to make one. Following these suggestions, we set about designing and making. In the end, the girls had fun flying their kites!

We also created an end of year wall hanging. Over a number of weeks we painted the background, cut and designed 3D fish life, added some crepe and other fabrics to create a bright ‘Under the Sea’ art collage.

We also had some really fun events in Term 3. We had a visit from the Gardai, but thankfully for a positive reason. The guards came to teach the children what it is they do and wanted the girls to realise that they are their to help us to stay safe and prevent any unlawful activities. They girls had so many question for the guards and they were more than happy to answer all their questions. To finish off, the guards invited the girls down to see their Garda car. And one of the girls was lucky enough to sit inside and turn on the lights and siren! Great excitement all round!

We also had a wonderful week during ‘Friendship and Wellbeing Week’. We had lots of gentle and kind activities during the week – meditation, yoga, mindful colouring, healthy fruit and vegetables, morning messages, special assemblies, fundraising and presentation of friendship bracelets to their secret friends. Everyone ended on a high. It was a lovely way to stop and make connections with everyone in our school community and also think of others.

In June the girls had a fantastic day for Sports’ Day. We had fabulous weather and the girls didn’t stop smiling and having fun all day. From races to obstacle courses, inflatables to bucket races, and even an ice-pop to finish off.

The Parents’ Association organised a really successful cake sale fundraiser too, and the girls and parents brought in a huge amount of tasty treats, which were enjoyed by children, staff and parents.

And finally, the girls went on their School Tour to Ardmore Mini Farm. It was a fantastic trip with so much to see and do. Tours, large and small animals, indoor and outdoor play. By the end of the day, all the girls were pretty tired and some even had an afternoon nap on the bus journey home!

And that brings us to the end of the year. The girls have been such an enthusiastic group and I will be sad to part with them. It’s been a whirlwind year full of adventures and I wish them a very happy summer break and best wishes next year when they begin 3rd class.

Until September – Slan libh

Mrs. Power

We have been learning all about transport in Junior Infants. We had visits from the gardaí, the ambulance service and Irish Rail. We got to look inside the ambulance and the garda car. We turned on the sirens and the flashing lights.

The girls had lots of fun on sports day last week. They all joined in and some of the girls even showed their competitive side! Well done to all the girls.

We were delighted to have our local community gardaí call, we had a guided tour of Reginald’s Tower and a trip to the People’s Park. Yesterday we had our Sports day and thanks to Mr Nagle for organising the Inflatable slide and Obstacle course. We had a great day in the sunshine.