Third Class Blog

Library Visit

This week the girls returned to the library to borrow more books. Some of our favourite authors are

Anne Fine, Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Daisy Meadows, Jeff Kinney and Enid Blyton.

Science Workshop

On Wednesday the girls had a science workshop all about viruses.
They learned about how a virus works. The protective shell is spikey and is works like a key to unlock the cells in your body and get inside them.
The girls also learned about special cells humans have called immune cells. The immune cells protect us and fight viruses.
The girls carried out an experiment and now know that the protective shell of the virus dissolves in soap so it is important to keep washing hands with soap.

World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day and the girls in Third class have been doing acts of kindness all week, both at home and in school. Today we went out to the yard with chalk and wrote comments for the rest of the school to see at play time. The other classes enjoyed reading the comments and looking at the lovely pictures drawn by Third class.

Together as a class, the girls also wrote an acrostic poem which you can read below:

Kindness can change the world
I can be kind every day
No need for money, kindness doesn’t cost anything
Don’t forget to be kind to yourself
Never forget the feeling of being kind
Every day do a kind deed
Sharing is caring
Sprinkle kindness everywhere

Some Hallowe’en Scenes from Rang a Trí

2D Shape

This week the girls have been learning about 2D shapes. There were some familiar shapes as well as some new ones. The girls used match sticks to make the shapes. Can you find the rhombus and the trapezium?
We have also been learning about symmetry. Ask the girls to find some symmetry in the local area this week.


Over the next few weeks the girls will have Reading for homework. The girls have brought home their ‘Read at Home 3’ book and they should keep this book at home.
This week the girls will read:
Monday 5th October: Pg 68
Tuesday 6th October: Pg 1
Wednesday 7th October: Pg 2
Thursday 8th October: Pg 3

The girls should read the page aloud focusing on fluency and understanding the text. The girls will read the questions and then read the story again. The girls will answer the questions orally, ensuring they find the answer in the story.

It would also be great for the girls to spend 10 minutes reading something for enjoyment each evening. This could be a book they have at home or a library book.


The girls worked together to create acrostic poems about being a good friend.
Here is the whole class poem we created together:

Fun friends make you laugh
Rarely make you sad
Including others is important
Even when you’re mad
Never forget your friends
Do fun things together

The girls did an excellent job and all shared ways in which they believe they are a good friend to others. Well done Third Class!