Sixth Class Blog

Countdown 3….

Another busy week even though we thought things were slowing down. The girls are still busy bees and doing some final end of the year activities.

In Art the girls are working on something for an upcoming special day!

In English the girls finished typing up their final drafts and saving them on their USBs. It’s great to see the progression from start to finish. Well done girls.

In History the girls finished learning about manufacturing and factories in Waterford over time. Ask them about Waterford flour mills which is now but a memory in Ferrybank.

We learned about a Legend in Geography and how they are used. They discovered what symbols are used for garda stations, railway lines, post offices etc. They also learned to find locations using coordinates.

We have started learning about water safety in SPHE this week. All the girls were asked to find out what their Eircode is. Do you know??

The girls making their Confirmation are working on their Saint projects and looking forward to getting a date, hopefully soon.

Graduation preparation is well underway. And the girls are getting excited!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Power

Countdown 4…

The girls have finished a lovely lovely wall hanging which they completed over a number of weeks. They painted on hessian and sewed 3D objects which they stuffed with cushion filler. I think the theme works well for this time of year. Thanks to Mark for stapling it to the frame and to Miss O’Reilly for displaying it for all to see.

We have published our History book ‘Celebrating the lives of Women in History’. The girls did some fantastic research.

We had fun in maths during the week. The girls did some estimating and measuring in our chapter on Capacity. Thanks for all the photos and videos on Seesaw, and the activities in the classroom.

We finished our singing and dancing recordings for our Graduation. More to follow on this…

Enjoy the bank holiday, stay safe,

Mrs. Power

Summer countdown!

The summer is fast approaching and 6th Class are working away as busy as bees!

In English, the girls have finished their Procedures in English, published them in their copies and are now typing them as a document.

In History the girls finalised a photostory which we will save on our USB for the end of year.

Ask the girls about our local area in Geography – Coumshingaun, Ballyscanlon and the River Suir. Wonderful places to visit on family trips during the summer.

In science the girls have learned about germination, photosynthesis, pollinaton and dispersal. The looked put their knowledge to use also by planting Sunflower seeds and watching them grow.

Newly germinated seeds
Moving to bigger pots
See how they are being looked after at home

The girls have been singing, dancing and doing some nice art activities for the end of the year…watch this space!!

Week 16 – Nollaig Shona

A very merry and safe Christmas to everyone from 6th Class. We’ve had a fantastic Term 1 and look forward to a safe Term 2. Enjoy the Christmas break and relax and unwind.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh go léir ó Rang a Sé

Garda visit

We welcomed the community guards to our school today to inform and help us on how to keep our community safe. It was a very information talk and the girls were amazed by some of the facts that they learned. Have a chat with your child and see what they learned!

Week 15

We’re almost there and soon it will be Christmas.  Only 7 more sleeps!!

The girls haven’t slowed down in the lead up to Christmas holidays so I’m sure they are getting tired and in need of a well-deserved break. Over the last month the girls have created some amazing 3D art sculptures in Art.  Our little Christmas Wonderland, lead by Blitzen, sits in the front hall to welcome everyone each day.  The girls demonstrated leadership and fantastic teamwork in order to finish these earlier than planned.  They look great girls, well done.

Last week we had County colours day and here were some of the girls captured by Miss Cunniffe.

Sadly, those smiles didn’t last as Waterford were unlucky this year.  But next year could be brighter.  We are still proud of their achievements, and even the Kilkenny supporters may have given a shout for their neighbours!

In Maths, the girls were busy discovering how to construct triangles.  Well done on this work girls.  They liked the challenge and as the week went on, they became more confident in choosing what equipment and method to use.
In History we learned about a very advanced civilisation in the Aztecs.  What amazing engineers and mathematicians they were when they planned and built the Impossible City of Tenochtitlan on Lake Texcoco near Mexico city.  Unfortunately the Spanish Conquistadors were also impressed and conquered their city, and in the process, spread diseases which wiped out the entire population.  This was the awful downfall of the Aztec society.

We had some great fun in Music recording our Christmas song ‘Christmas Candle’ and also some other popular songs such as ‘Jingle bells’, ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ and ‘The 12 days of Christmas’.  Ask the girls to do some carolling over the holidays!

Only a day and a half of school left and we’ll see how we finish it off next week!

Best wishes, Ho! Ho! Ho!

Mrs Power

Week 13

The girls are well underway with their Christmas cheer and as the days are flying by, they are becoming more like their “Blitzen” character. 

As 6th class leaders, the girls are taking on 4 challenges everyday.  Can we reach 29 Hi-Viz jackets?  Can we lead with zero wrappers?  How many random acts of kindness can we carry out each day?  Are we working on our “Fitmas” levels each and every day?  In one week, the girls have shown that the trend is on the rise.  So well done girls, only a few weeks left so keep it up!

In English we have been listening to lovely Reports and reading some to our target audiences.  The layout in their Publishing Copies is fantastic, and we are getting there with our Documents on the tablets also.  The girls are also enjoying poetry and oral language.  We started studying ‘Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening’ by Robert Frost.  And I’m really enjoying ‘Think-Pair-Share’ oral language and how the girls communication is developing.

We moved on to 2-D shape this week in Maths where the girls are doing a lot of discovery.  Ask the girls what Dominoes, Trominoes, Tetrominoes, Pentominoes, Hexominoes.  And also, what about Diamonds, Triamonds, Tetriamonds, Pentiamonds, Hexiamonds!  And how have they used these to tesselate.  The girls also did some teaching and informed the class about Symmetry of 15 different 2-D shapes.  Good work here girls.

In Science the girls, again, did some teaching.  They worked in pairs to inform the class about some Materials that changed the world.  Ask the girls about some of these materials.  At this time of year, we must think of others and so in Geography, we learned about Famine and the causes of it and how it can affect people’s lives.  And also in History,  we got some inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, and how he brought about peace in non-violent ways.  How can we help others in our area at this time of year?

We are doing our Music and  PE dance classes outside now so have a listen for the girls as they practice their Christmas songs and learn some new cultural dances.

Art is getting very exciting now as our 3-D art sculptures got blasted with a lot of papier machee!  There was a lot of hands on mess, but they are ready now for the next step next week, which is the painting and decorating.

Lots more fun ahead in the coming weeks.  Try to get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat healthy so that you have the energy for the last few weeks of school.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Power