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Happy Easter everyone!

Can you believe it’s Easter already. And with the comes our final term in 6th Class.

Once again the girls have been up to a multitude of different topics. In Maths the girls were learning about 3D shapes using some fun ways to learn about polyhedra and platonic polyhedra. The girls were set a challenge to make lots of different polyhedra using cocktail sticks and marshmallows. There might have been a tasting at the end!

Some of the girls have been representing our school in Camogie. Mr. Dooley is the team manager and here are some of the players from 6th Class about to head off to their first game.

Finally, we are delighted to have welcomed our new pupil Diana. The girls have been so kind and caring towards her and she is very happy in our class. We wish her the best of luck in our school. I received a painting from her which meant so much that I feel I should share with everyone.

I wish everyone a very Happy Easter from Mrs. Power and all of 6th Class.

What a wet and wonderful Women’s week!

There was a lot of dodging and diving this week with record rainfall but we managed to have a very productive week all the same.

In English the girls have been finishing their final draft of persuasive writing on the tablets/laptops and saving these on their USB. We have moved on to our next genre which is Procedural writing.

It was International Women’s Day on Tuesday and the girls learned about some impressive Irish women in History. Kay McNulty was a skilled programmer. She was effectively doing the work which computers do for us now. Alicia Boole created Polytopes which we even use in our class when learning about 3D shape!

We had fun with our Kahoot quizzes in Geography. What a fantastic way for the girls to assess their own learning.

The girls are producing some lovely Music on their recorders and singing songs – Oro se do bheatha ‘bhaile, Amhran na bhFiann and Ireland’s Call.

To finish, take a look at the girls’ fantastic Pointillism Art display in our classroom. Can you even distinguish between the original and the girls’ creations??

Spring is in the air!

Spring is well and truly underway in Our Lady of Good Counsel and the girls definitely have a spring in their steps. Here are a few snippets of just some of the activities 6th Class have been engaging in over the last number of weeks.

The girls are having regular fun with our ‘Cluiche Clair’ in Gaeilge. Who says Irish has to be hard, it can be fun when you’re learning in a variety of ways.

Bingo as Gaeilge

We have been learning about our senses in Science and to finish off, we did some experimenting! The girls had to try and guess what liquids were from sight and smell. We also did some taste experiments to demonstrate the different areas of our tongue which experience sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

The girls used their knowledge of coordinates in Maths to draw images and also used pegboards.

Finally, happy world book day everyone from 6th Class

The girls have been very busy this week again. In Maths the girls were putting their knowledge and skills to practise when learning about length. The girls were set some targets in class to estimate and measure items in our classroom. We progressed on to Perimeter after this. Following this, we took a look at scale drawings. As you can see, they were very busy!

In Irish the girls have been focussing on na Briathra Neamhrialta (irregular verbs). The girls pass a ball around the class practising these verbs and changing from Aimsir Chaite, Aimsir Laithreach, Aimsir Fhaistineach (past, present and future tense).

This week we finished our Clay structures in Art. We painted our Humpty Dumpties and our Historical masks. Take a look below. Nice memories to have and remind the girls of 6th Class.

These are just snippets of all the work the girls do each and every day. Well done girls, keep up the great work.

Mrs Power

Term 2 begins!

Welcome back to all the girls in 6th class. We are looking forward to a new term, full of fun and learning. After hearing about the wonderful break that everyone had, we eased ourselves back into the routine of school.

The girls have started researching some facts for their new English genre ‘Persuasive’ writing. Our title is ‘Screen time is bad for children’. After doing some research, the girls are finding out that there are two sides to this story! Let’s wait and see who agrees and disagrees with this motion.

The girls learned about directed numbers in Maths and how positive and negative numbers are used in our daily lives. They play a ‘Scratch’ game and a board game based on a hot air balloon. The girls can explain more.

Scratch game on the Smartboard
Hot air balloon board game

We have been busy modelling clay in Art. Last week the girls made humpty dumpties and learned some clay techniques – slip, score, blend. This week we are making clay masks linking to our History and Geography- Aztecs, Egyptians, Aborigines and Maori. We will post some finished products soon.

More updates next week.


Mrs. Power

The last 4 sleeps!!!

Christmas is nigh and the girls will let out a sigh at 12.30pm tomorrow. It’s been a fantastic Term 1 and though we all need to recharge over the Christmas, I’m already looking forward to Term 2 and many more adventures.

We’re finishing up this week with some work on the Tablets. The girls are tessellating polygons online and using what we’ve learned in class and applying it in the games.

We started learning about computer coding in Scratch. We will try to do our own codes tomorrow and continue this in the new year.

Today the girls are playing board games as Gaeilge. It’s lovely to see the girls having fun in Irish. Here are some of the girls playing Biongo.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a really happy and fun-filled Christmas and a safe return in 2022.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Mrs. Power and 6th Class

8 more sleeps!!

Time is flying by so fast and the girls are excited but also exhausted at the end of the Term. We are all looking forward to the Christmas break. Today the girls will have a Zoom with their parents and this will be a lovely way to finish up before our holidays next week. The girls will be showcasing a variety of genres today: singing; playing recorder; making connections with their families around the world; showing how 6th class have been leading up to Christmas with our Fitmas Advent calendar, Wellbeing calendar and our Jesse Tree; displaying the stages involved in our Christmas 3D art projects; and our Christmas crib winner will show her backdrop to our school crib. Will we fit all this in our Zoom today??? I hope so!

Our final Art projects turned out pretty good and they are brightening our classroom in the lead up to Christmas. Well done to the girls on their team work and creativity.

Also this week, the girls discovered in Science that gas has weight. There was a little balloon popping to find this out but the girls discovered that gas (air) does have weight, as you can see here. There were two balloons balanced, when one was popped, the other weighed down proving that air does in fact have weight.

In our second experiment, the girls were given materials and they had to work out how they could use these materials to make an ‘Air-powered rocket’. Through a lot of discussion and questioning, we put all our ideas together to come up with this…

Only 2.5 more days of school, let’s make it a safe and peaceful one.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Power