Senior Infants Blog

European Languages Day

We enjoyed hearing the story “We’re going on a bear Hunt” read in Portuguese by Ana from 6th class. We learned a few phrases from the story in Portuguese. We also learned how to greet people, say thank you and name a few school items! A big thank you to Ana for coming in and reading so beautifully. Obrigada Ana!

European Languages Day

Sports day

The girls had a ball today at sports day. We ran races, played with the parachute, practiced GAA drills and had the most fun on the inflatable obstacle course and slide. It was all topped off with some ice-cream, which went down a messy treat.

We also have some new additions to Senior Infants this week, as 4 of our 5 cocoons have opened, to reveal beautiful butterflies.

Library Aistear

The girls are finishing learning about the library this week through Aistear.
At the construction station, they built beautiful libraries.
At the role play station, they pretended to be librarians and patrons at the library.
At the creative station, they were illustrators, designing covers for a story we are writing as a class.
At the reading and writing station, the girls will become authors, writing their own book. They have really enjoyed learning about the library.

The Library

The girls have had great fun this week, learning about the library, in Aistear. We paid a special visit to the library today and got to read some lovely books together, and hopefully become members.

We read the story of Elmer this week, an elephant who couldn’t hide who he was and always showed his true colours. We decided to give it a go and make our own 3D colourful elephants. They turned out so beautiful.

Lastly, we got a special arrival in our class this week, our long awaited caterpillars have arrived and have already started going into their cocoons. We can’t wait to see the beautiful butterflies they turn into.

Out of this World

Over the past few weeks, Senior Infants have been learning about the sun, the moon and the stars.
We have made sun and moon mobiles and followed a video online to draw some awesome astronauts. The girls really enjoyed doing splatter painting to create their galaxies.

Friendship and Wellbeing Week

The girls had great fun last week doing wonderful activities for Friendship and Wellbeing week. Each day they did a new activity like mindfulness colouring, making Friendship bracelets and dressing up in bright colours.

In Aistear, the girls were working on the theme of shopping. They were building shops, role playing at the shop, taking a trip to the jewellery shop for those lovely friendship bracelets and best of all, taking a trip to the bakery to make bread and cakes. We enjoyed this day best of all.