Senior Infants Blog

☀️Outdoor Learning☀️

Making the most of the lovely weather, Senior Infants have been doing some fun revision activities outside. We started off this morning on a sound hunt, looking for things beginning with certain sounds.

Then we searched for Tricky Words around the school. We had to write down the word next to the correct number. We were practicing our number and our word recognition!

We have been having fun practicing number races outdoors. The girls flip over a number card, run up to the cone and build the number using the correct amount of cubes. They run back and then it is the next girl’s turn. Not only are we practicing to recognize and count number, but each group works as a team, cheering on each player.

💌Class Trip to The Post Office💌

We have been learning all about The Post Office in Aistear. Yesterday we went on an exciting class trip to our local post office. We prepared questions, drew pictures and wrote well wishing post cards for St Joseph’s Nursing Home in Ferrybank.

Linda, the postal worker in Ferrybank, was very kind and answered all of the girls’ fantastic questions. She gave stickers and postcards to each girl and even stuck their beautiful pictures in the post office window! We would like to say a big thank you to Linda.😊

Next door, Jack Molloy’s butchers very kindly gave the girls lollipops, which made their day! There, we learned a little bit about what they sell in a butcher shop.

To round up the trip, we dropped our post cards into the post box. We hope the residents in St. Joseph’s like them.

Back at school, we wrote about our lovely trip to the post office.

🐣🐰Cáisc Shona Daoibh! Happy Easter from the Senior Infants🐰🐣

We had an ‘eggcellent’ morning outside searching for eggs on our egg hunt.

For our Easter Special Assembly, we spoke about Holy Week and Easter traditions around the world. The girls did such a fantastic job. 😀

We learned the poem ‘Cuig Úbh istigh sa Nead’ (5 eggs in the nest) in Irish and made uibheacha ildaite le sicín bheaga (colourful eggs with little chicks).

We have been learning all about Data in maths. This week we have been trying our best to ‘Scoot to School’. We created a large pictogram, to represent how we travel to school. Most of the girls walk or scoot to school, which we know is best for our environment. Apples are our favourite fruits and our most common pets are dogs.

☘️St Patrick’s Day☘️

We had so much fun last Tuesday, dressing up in our international and Irish colours. We made tri-coloured shamrocks.

We have fantastic Irish dancers in our class. We practiced our Irish dancing outside in the sun, to sound of ‘Riverdance’.

🌷The Garden Centre🌷/ Farm🐄

We have all been so happy to be back in school!

Spring and The Garden Centre have been our themes in Aistear. In the role play area the girls have been buying and selling seeds, plant pots, trowels , wheelbarrows, gardening gloves and all the items that you would find in a gardening centre. The cashier writes down their name, phone number and what they have bought. We try our best to give back the correct change.

In our arts and crafts area, we have been painting colourful Spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils. We explored mixing primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to create secondary colours (green, orange and purple).

We have been practicing our procedural writing, using time words to help us put the instructions in the correct order. We used ‘Bossy Verbs’ when writing the procedure of how to plant a seed. Once we had finished our writing, we planted some sweet pea seeds. Hopefully, they will grow into beautiful flowers 🙂

As part of our Spring/ New Life theme we created farms at our role play area. We sorted the animals and put them in their correct homes. We drew ponds, chicken coops, pens, barns and stables. We put the baby animals with their mothers and wrote down their names- lambs, foal, calves, kids, ducklings, chicks and piglets.

Christmas Dancing in P.E.

Christmas Aistear 🎅

We wrote lovely letters to Santa.
We created Elfie Selfies. The girls loved seeing themselves being transformed into elves.
In the small world area, we acted out Christmas stories with the puppets.