Second Class Blog


Can you believe that the girls have already been back at school almost a month. They have been such busy bees in 2nd class and I am enjoying getting to know them.

The girls have been having fun doing Maths board games and learning by playing. Why not ask the girls to sing their new song in Music ,‘Popocatepetl’. We performed this through singing, movement and percussion instruments. Finally, we are enjoying some Autumn fun by learning how to play conkers…!

Welcome to 2nd Class

What a lovely start to our new school year, seeing all the smiling faces on the 1st September. All the girls are so eager to get started on all the lovely activities which we will be doing in 2nd Class. To start with, we are all learning a new classroom routine and getting to know each other too. So far, we have had a nice mix but most importantly it has been lovely to hear the girls ideas and making our classroom a positive and happy place to be in everyday. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year in 2nd class.

Mrs. Power

Do you recognise anyone here?

Super smiley second class!


Second Class is learning all about spring. This week we listened to ‘Spring’ from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. We enjoyed creating our own spring ribbon dances.

Nuacht Rang a Dó

2nd class did great work with Miss Whelan and learned all about China and designed Ming vases with Cherry Blossoms.

Nuacht Rang a Dó

Last week 2nd class took part in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) Art Collaboration exhibition. It is a Discover Primary Science and Maths initiative. We explored topics like DNA, brain activity and automated cars. Below are some examples of our artwork.

In Religion we learned about Pentecost Sunday.

Nuacht Rang a Dó

Some St. Patricks Day art from 2nd Class.

Nuacht Rang a Dó

Last week on Wednesday, 2nd class listened to Ashley Spires talk about her book ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’. She spoke about where her ideas came from and about the process of creating a book from start to finish. She loves cats and dogs and she includes them in her books as different characters. She spoke about how she made loads of mistakes and learned from them. Also she told 2nd class that practice makes perfect when you are drawing.