Second Class Blog

We’re all going on our Summer holidays…!

It feels like we just started off together at the start of the year and now the end is almost here. What a wonderful year it has been full of new experiences, new learning, new opportunities and a whole lot of fun along the way. The girls arrived each day with a smile on their face and brightened up each and every day.

This has been another busy term with lots of outdoor adventures as the weather picked up. In P.E. the girls were learning some orienteering skills and learned to work as a team to succeed in completing tasks.

The girls finished their final genres in English– Persuasive and Procedural. They took great care in their presentation and even got to impress some of the younger and older classes, as well as the teachers! They persuaded children and teachers that ‘Spring is the most important season’ and also explained ‘How to plant a seed’ step-by-step.

To finish off our year of History the girls did a timeline of all the memories of 2nd class. They discussed all their memories in groups, decided which ones were more important and then put them in order. Following this, they drew a timeline from September to June and drew images and captioned these events. We also had some fun this term learning about old playground games. To celebrate May, they girls learned a dance called ‘Here we go gathering nuts in May’. Why not ask the girls about the Hawthorn bush and the bunch of flowers! They also learned another playground game called ‘The big ship sailed on the alley-alley-oh’. To finish these lessons, the girls asked parents and grandparents about games they used to play when they were young and they shared these with 2nd class.

In Science we discovered the many habitats that there are in our school environment. Second class’s focus is ‘Walls and Paths’. At first, the girls wondered what plants and animals live by paths and walls, but with lots of equipment on board, we discovered a lot of new plants and minibeast live in these areas. We used equipment such as pooters, flytraps, magnifying glass, bug viewers and nets, as well as some minibeast keys, tree and plant identifiers, and google lens. We discovered clover mites (the real name for blood suckers!), woodlice, ants, worms, snails, ivy leaved toadflax, moss, ivy, forget me nots…to name but a few!

In connection with our English procedures, we planted some seeds. We grew some Garden peas and Sunflowers. These will move out to out outdoor garden and hopefully we will have something to see in September!

The girls were set a challenge in Art and were given two skewers, paper, cellotape, crepe paper, string and colours. They had to discuss what they could make with these items. After some of them guessed, a kite, I then asked them to figure out how to make one. Following these suggestions, we set about designing and making. In the end, the girls had fun flying their kites!

We also created an end of year wall hanging. Over a number of weeks we painted the background, cut and designed 3D fish life, added some crepe and other fabrics to create a bright ‘Under the Sea’ art collage.

We also had some really fun events in Term 3. We had a visit from the Gardai, but thankfully for a positive reason. The guards came to teach the children what it is they do and wanted the girls to realise that they are their to help us to stay safe and prevent any unlawful activities. They girls had so many question for the guards and they were more than happy to answer all their questions. To finish off, the guards invited the girls down to see their Garda car. And one of the girls was lucky enough to sit inside and turn on the lights and siren! Great excitement all round!

We also had a wonderful week during ‘Friendship and Wellbeing Week’. We had lots of gentle and kind activities during the week – meditation, yoga, mindful colouring, healthy fruit and vegetables, morning messages, special assemblies, fundraising and presentation of friendship bracelets to their secret friends. Everyone ended on a high. It was a lovely way to stop and make connections with everyone in our school community and also think of others.

In June the girls had a fantastic day for Sports’ Day. We had fabulous weather and the girls didn’t stop smiling and having fun all day. From races to obstacle courses, inflatables to bucket races, and even an ice-pop to finish off.

The Parents’ Association organised a really successful cake sale fundraiser too, and the girls and parents brought in a huge amount of tasty treats, which were enjoyed by children, staff and parents.

And finally, the girls went on their School Tour to Ardmore Mini Farm. It was a fantastic trip with so much to see and do. Tours, large and small animals, indoor and outdoor play. By the end of the day, all the girls were pretty tired and some even had an afternoon nap on the bus journey home!

And that brings us to the end of the year. The girls have been such an enthusiastic group and I will be sad to part with them. It’s been a whirlwind year full of adventures and I wish them a very happy summer break and best wishes next year when they begin 3rd class.

Until September – Slan libh

Mrs. Power

Term 2 has been busy!

This term has been shorter than normal and the girls have been busy in all subject areas. They love to get outside and get their hands stuck into learning. I think they will all deserve a really happy St. Patrick’s day, and Easter break is just around the corner too.

We have covered a lot in Maths this term. We like group work and learning from each other. The girls learned how to estimate, and then measure capacity while keeping a tally. We also moved on to bigger numbers and learned about place value – 10 units = 1 ten, 10 tens = 1 hundred, 100 units = 1 hundred. Using hands on materials, the girls could see the differences. It also made adding and subtracting easier. Strangely enough, the units (love heart sweets) disappeared soon after!! More work in Place Value and Capacity helped the children have better estimates too. How many cups (units) to fill a jug (tens), how many jugs (tens) to fill a basin (hundreds).

We moved on to weight too and had fun measuring, comparing, balancing, estimating, before moving on to weighing scales finding greater than, equal to and less than 250g, 500g, 750g, 1000g/1Kg. When we were learning about time, we made sundials and placed them in the yard at different times of the day to see how time was told years ago. We learned about Spatial Awareness too and created routes around our school, giving instructions and following instructions.

Finally, the girls have been learning about Area, Length and Capacity and how to measure using non-standard and standard units of measure. We also went on a school 3D maths trail to find as many 3D shapes as we could in our school surrounding.

In Geography the girls learned about direction. This linked in nicely with our Maths lesson. We then learned how to use a compass and went outside to give and follow instructions.

The girls got creative in Science and used many materials to create different sounds – high and low pitch. They worked in teams to plan and choose their materials and then set to work to make and create. I think we all had a headache going home on this day!!

We also were learning about Force in in Science and how air and water can exert force. But instead of telling the girls what air and water can do, the girls were given materials and some vocabulary. They had to discover ways that air and water could make things move or float. And also how to make things stronger.

We looked at Friction also and used various surfaces and toy cars to investigate where there was more or less friction.

In Geography we learned about the Water Cycle and we carried out an experiment where the girls could see the different parts of the cycle – Condensation, Precipitation, Collection, Evaporation. We also dramatised it which was very entertaining!

The girls had so much energy in our PE class where we did Creative Dance for 6 weeks. Well done on your creativity, partner and team work.

The girls created some lovely clay pieces in Art this term which linked in with our other theme of transport. To experiment and become familiar with working with clay, they created a pinch pot. The following week, they could choose a form of transport to shape and finally they created a fossil of some toy vehicles. To finish, we spray varnished them to take them home. Here is a video reel of all their work –

The girls got creative with Fabric and various other materials to create Dreamcatchers. They were very good to follow directions and create individual pieces to hang at home.

And finally, here are a few snippets of some special celebratory days in Term 2 – Little Red Kettle, Pancake Tuesday, World Book day, Safer Internet day, Irish dancing in the Little Sisters, St. Patrick’s school celebrations. Here is a video clip of the girls dancing in the Little Sisters.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

Mrs. Power

Happy Christmas 🎄

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas break with friends and family. The girls really deserve some time off after a very busy and enjoyable Term 1.

After many weeks of researching, writing, re-drafting and editing, in English the girls have created very impressive reports on The Barn Swallow. We will publish these in the New Year and the girls will enjoy sharing them with everyone.

In maths we have been learning how to use money. We played money bingo and created a toyshop for buying and selling.

In geography we were learning about maps and we compared flat 2D posters, atlases and the 3D globe. Following this, we tracked Santa’s route on Christmas Eve. The girls realised that Santa must follow this route as the earth rotates and he must stay ahead of daylight. In history we learned about traditions from around the world and it was lovely to hear the girls share their traditions and hear from parents on Seesaw. In Science we looked at how we can care for the environment especially during the Christmas period. Remember to use the correct bins….the recycling fairies will be on alert over Christmas!

We created nice memories in art which will look great on the Christmas tree.

We work really well as a team in 2nd class and we look after our feelings. How do we deal with our feelings? What do we do? By talking about positive and negative feelings we learn to deal appropriately with them.

This week was a fun week filled with Christmas spirit. The whole school shared their Christmas Carol service with The Little Sisters and families. Well done everyone, it was a fantastic week.

I look forward to seeing the girls in the New Year.

Best wishes

Mrs. Power

Winter Wonders!

The girls have been busy this months in all subject areas. It’s been wonderful seeing the girls participate in a range of fun activities.

In English the girls have been using tablets and photocopied material to research information about the Barn Swallow. They will soon produce very interesting Report genres. They have also been enjoying working and learning from their 4th Class Buddies. Each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the two classes work together doing Buddy Reading.

We’ve had a few interesting weeks learning about the past, present and future in History. As well as this, we have looked at what has changed and stayed the same. We looked at different images of Ferrybank and Waterford and went on a little trip around our school to see if we could find evidence of change and continuity.

The girls have had fun discovering what magnets do and are used for in Science. Some materials are magnetic and some are not. We also looked at how magnets attract and repel! They created a fun fishing game showing how magnets are attracted to metal objects. The fishing rod had a magnet and the fish had a paper clip. To add to this, they wrote a sum or tricky word on the back of the fish which the fisherwoman had to figure out! Check out the video!

Art has been very constructive this month. The girls started off with a shoe box, got some tips and inspiration and created a Jungle Box incorporating parts of George’s Marvellous Medicine ideas. The final product was fantastic and the team work was very impressive. Well done girls.

We have been learning about symmetry and fractions in Maths. The girls learned what halves and quarters were by cutting pizzas! Let’s just say the pizza didn’t last long after they learned about fractions!

“That time of year” is quickly approaching. I hope you are all looking forward to the festive season.

Best wishes,

Mrs Power

Start of year – Get in gear!

What a fantastic few weeks we’ve had in 2nd class! Everyday the girls have been so well behaved and really engaging in their learning. September was settling in month and now we’re almost through October and the girls are used to their new routine and enjoying all the fun activities we are participating in.

There are so many things we could include but here are just a few snippets of the work your girls are undertaking in 2nd class, so far this year. In Maths the girls did a lot of hands-on activities. Here we can see the girls making and creating 2D shapes on geoboards and using cocktail sticks and marshmallows. In groups they described the properties of their shapes. However, the marshmallows disappeared at the end of the activity!!!!!

We also went on a ‘Right angles’ hunt around the school. The children made their own right angle by folding a circle into quarters. They used this to find angles that were greater than, less than or exactly a right angle.

In Art the girls were very creative in making their own jigsaws. We had fun sharing and making each others’. We are designing and making some Halloween costumes currently and we’ll share some images when we’re done!

In Science, we have been learning about Autumn and seasonal changes. The girls used some tree keys to find out the names of the trees in our school grounds. They picked out their favourite tree which they drew. They will repeat this activity in Winter, Spring and Summer to see how their tree changes through the seasons. We paid particular attention to the Maple tree which 2nd planted last year. We will focus on this over the year.

In History the girls were learning about Halloween and all the old traditions. Ask the girls about the items that were found in the Barmbrack long ago and what they meant. Or what was mumming? And did people carve in Ireland long ago? Thank you the the mams, dads and grandparents who contributed to our History class through voice recordings, video recordings, pictures and photographs on Seesaw. It really added to our class. We also had to find out who would get the ring in the barmbrack and had a little taste…

We had a guest speaker in our school telling the children all about Climate change. They had fun doing a information hunt and can bring a lot of what they learned home with them to help our planet for future generations.

In Maths recently, the girls have been learning about sequencing and time. Well done on the use of language and ordering stories and images in stories. To finish, the girls sequenced a recipe, and made some beautiful Rice Krispie buns for themselves and the staff. Thanks for the snack girls.

I think the girls deserve a break after a very busy but fun start to the year. We are looking forward to the Talent Show on Friday.

Take care,

Mrs. Power

A busy month of June!

We have had lots of fun designing and making our ‘Under the Sea’ wall hanging in Art. The girls started with choosing colours to paint hessian. Following that, they cut felt and filled their sea creatures with cushion filler and created nice designs to make them unique and different. To create a 3D feeling, the girls made holes to stick crepe and wool through for the seaweed. They also added their Science experiment fish. Earlier in the year, the girls were learning about mixtures and floating. They learned that oil floats on water and so we used marbling ink which floated on water, mixed these, placed white card flat on top and hey presto – beautiful coloured fish resulted! Thanks to Mr. Nagle, we have displayed our wall hanging in the reception area. Well done girls.

We went on a habitat study and discovered and identified many unusual and common insects and plants in Science. Following their investigations, we did a photostory. I think you’ll learn a lot from what we found out – I know I did!

We also learned about the life cycle of a seed from germination to photosynthesis. The girls took great care to look after their plants and will get to bring them home to look after during the summer. Be sure to send some pictures during the summer on Seesaw. Alongside growing plants, the girls worked really hard during Term 3 to finish their Procedural Genre – How to grow a _____. Each child chose a different plant and I’m sure you’ve enjoyed reading their final product. Super work here in English writing class over the last few months.

Camogie training for the last few weeks has been so much fun. The sun shone for each class and our trainer, John, had fantastic lessons each day. Ferrybank camogie club may have a few new recruits after it!

The highlight from this week was of course, SCHOOL SPORTS DAY. A huge thank you to Mrs. Shanahan for all the organising for this very successful day. It was most enjoyable, as you can see…….

And we’re not finished just yet. We have our school tour to look forward to on Monday.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Power

Sunny Term 3

Summer is well and truly underway and the girls have been working really well doing lots of interesting and fun activities in Term 3.

In Maths we were learning about graphs and so the girls took some time out of the classroom and went investigating the number and colour of cars that passed out school in a 10  minute period. We started with a tally chart and afterwards we created a pictogram to show the results.  It definitely beat sitting in the classroom!

We were learning about milk in Geography – From grass to glass!  The girls found some interesting information about the product that they enjoy most days.  We also made connections with our Science and SPHE class, as calcium in milk is so important for healthy bones and teeth.  To finish we all enjoyed a simple glass of milk.  The following week, we took over the staff kitchen to make some very tasty milkshakes!

We also enjoyed a Zumba class during Wellbeing Week, thanks to Rachel.  The girls absolutely loved it as you can see….

It was such an enjoyable week with so many lovely activities organised by Mrs. Shanahan and the Wellbeing Warriors.  We had meditation, team building exercises, bright colours day and much more. 

The girls have been really creative in Art class in Term 3 and created some very funny and entertaining sock puppets.  They also created some beautiful landscapes for ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ poem.  They learned a little about ‘Print’ in Art class too and how to create some wonderful and bright landscapes by printing.  The girls also figured out how to make a kite from various materials.  And of course we had to test whether they would fly….and they did!

The girls also figured out how to make a kite from various materials.  And of course we had to test whether they would fly….and they did!

The girls have been learning about the life cycle of a plant in Science and also writing a Procedural genre in English.  Along with this we have been experimenting to see what a seed needs to germinate.  They girls made their predictions and we set up out experiment.  We will find out this week what we can learn from the experiment!

We also planted some seeds for our outdoor learning area – Garden peas, courgette, and mixed leaf lettuce.

What a busy Term 3 so far.  And we have lots more exciting and fun learning experiences ahead over the last few weeks of school.  Enjoy the sunny weather and ask the girls what they have learned about being Sunsmart in this sunny weather!