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End of Year Reports

Dear Mams and Dads,

Today, you will receive an email with your child’s End of Year Report attached. Please watch this little video which explains what the report is all about.

Well done to the girls and their teachers for their hard work this past year. It’s almost time to relax and enjoy the holidays.😊

Important Information

First to Sixth Class 2022-2023

Today, the children who will be in First to Sixth Classes next September, will bring home a Book Rental Contract. Our Book Rental Scheme covers the cost of all text books, extra reading materials and resources, and access to online learning platforms. We are keeping costs to an absolute minimum and we encourage everyone to participate. This year, we have moved to an online payment system which we hope will be much more convenient for parents. So, what do you need to do next?

  1. In the next day or so, you will receive an email with details of how you can register on the Databiz Portal ( to take part in the Book Rental scheme.
  2. Once you have registered, you will receive a request to make an online payment.
  3. Make the payment.
  4. Sign the Book Rental Contract that your child brings home today and return it to her teacher.

This is a new system for all of us, so if you have any trouble, please contact the school office on 051-832984.

Fun Sports Day

Our school Fun Sports Day will take place (weather permitting) on Friday June 10th in the school grounds.Due to the cost of hiring buses, we have decided not to book any school tours this year. So, to make our Sports Day a little more fun, we have hired some inflatable activities that the girls can enjoy, together with the usual Sports Day events. To cover the costs, we are asking each child to contribute €3. This may be sent to your child’s teacher any time before June 10th. Unfortunately, this year, we cannot invite parents to join us for the day but we know the girls will have lots of fun.

Calendar 2022-2023

The school calendar for 2022-2023 has been agreed with St. Mary’s BNS. It will be published in our school newsletter on Thursday. Please check the School Bell tab on on Thursday 26th May.

Thoughtful Thursday

Today, the girls are focussing on being kind and thoughtful to their classmates. They learn how to be kind from the great example shown by their Mams and Dads, and their teachers. As a staff, we are very grateful for all the little acts of kindness shown to us by parents, whether it is a smile at the drop off or pick up, a card or an email to say ‘Thank you’, or a chocolate egg at Easter – nothing goes un-noticed.

‘Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.’ Henry James

Wellbeing Wednesday

Today we are thinking about the things that make us happy. There’s nothing like dancing along to a good song to lift the spirits, so find some time today to dance like nobody’s watching.

Thankful Tuesday

Today, the girls are talking about the things that make them thankful. As a school staff, we are thankful for the support and co-operation of the whole school community and for the wonderful girls who attend Our Lady of Good Counsel GNS.

Mindful Monday

Mams and Dads,

Today, we are being mindful and you may like to join us. While you are having a cup of tea or coffee, sit very still, use your senses and notice one thing you can see, hear, taste, feel and smell. Remind yourself that you do a good job looking after your family.

Quote of the Day: Sometimes you forget you’re awesome so this is your reminder:)

Friendship and Wellbeing Week 2022

Next week, we will have our annual Friendship and Wellbeing Week in our school. It is a chance for us to focus on our wellbeing and the importance of friendship. Each day, we will focus on something different – Mindful Monday, Thankful Tuesday, Wellbeing Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, Friendship Friday (also known as Wear Your Bright Colours Day!)
We ask you to get involved by talking  to the girls and by looking at our website Latest News tab each day for some tips and ideas. Friday 13th is ‘Wear your Bright Colours Day’ so the girls can leave their uniforms at home and wear their brightest coloured clothes coming to school. It was a great success last year and we are looking forward to another rainbow of colours to brighten up the day.