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Tesco Community Fund

We were delighted to hear this week that Tesco will be supporting our school as part of the Tesco Community Fund. The Tesco Community Fund is a campaign which raises money for local schools, groups, clubs etc.

From Monday coming, February 26th over 12 weeks, customers shopping in Tesco will receive blue tokens which can be used to vote in store for the causes in the community fund. We kindly ask that if you are shopping in Tesco, please support our school as all of the money raised will go towards the girls here and their education. Please encourage your family members, friends etc.. to support our cause using the blue tokens. You will find more information about the Tesco Community Fund here

Thanking you all for your continued support!!

Measles Update from the HSE

Please find an update regarding measles and vaccinations from the HSE below.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day takes place on Tuesday February 6th .

On this date we will be joining people in more than 150 countries around the world in celebrating Safer Internet Day 2024.

2023 has seen some significant changes in terms of technology and regulation both in Ireland and Europe. Safer Internet Day allows us the opportunity to reflect on the role of digital technology in our lives and our understanding of how they work, their implications and opportunities.
The dedicated Safer Internet Day Hub at provides information, resources and ideas.
In our school we have class activities, lessons and competitions to celebrate Safer Internet Day. We also have videos addressing online safety and digital media literacy topics including cyberbullying, image sharing, privacy, and online wellbeing.
Please support Safer Internet Day by highlighting it at home with your child.
Best wishes
Mrs Ryan

North Quay Development – Abbey Road Plans

Please see the images below regarding the works in the Ferrybank area and the Abbey road itself. Note that our school is to benefit greatly from the works. To date, a new staff car park has been built which means that the girls have more space on the yard during break time. We will also see a drop off and collect area outside the school and a new basketball court as labelled on the image below. Although the current works and traffic delays are frustrating for everyone, the medium/long term picture is bright all going well.

On this map, you can see the current Abbey Road (in blue) with the new development underneath.

Traffic Management from January 8th 2024

We have been given an advanced notice regarding Traffic Management in Fountain Street & Abbey Road starting on January 8th 2024. Please see the information below.


The affect for Abbey Road users will be:

  • The free flow route onto Fountain Street heading for Rice bridge will be closed.
  • The pedestrian route towards Rice bridge will have to be re-routed as per marked up photo (below) – the pedestrian crossing in front of the Mandarin Palace will be closed.
  • HGVs will not be permitted to turn left.
  • Vehicles (except HGVs) will still be allowed to turn left heading towards Rice bridge, but they will be subject to the traffic lights.

New Board of Management

The role of the Board of Management is to manage the school on behalf of the patron and for the benefit of the students and to provide an appropriate education for each student at the school. The board is comprised of two patrons representatives, the principal, a teachers representative, two parents representatives and two community representatives which operate over a four year term, this new term being from December 2023 – November 2027.

Our newly appointed board:

Chairperson; Ger Duggan

Patrons Representative; Fr. Roderick Whearty

Principal; Jamie Nagle

Teachers Representative; Clare Burke

Parents Representatives; Michelle Daly and Damien Walsh

Community Representatives: Sr. Mary Gough and Billy Doyle

We look forward to working with our new Board over the next four years.

Return to School

Our Lady of Good Counsel Ferrybank
Return to School – August 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you are all well and that you had a lovely summer. Like every year, the time to return to school is
fast approaching. As you already know, school will reopen tomorrow morning, Thursday, August 31st. I
would like to inform you of some changes and important points to note on your daughter’s return to

Opening Times and Drop Off

The school day here in Good Counsel starts at 9.10 am – classes start at this time. The school gates will
open at 9.00am for the coming year which is ten minutes earlier than last year. It is your duty to bring
your child to the school gate whether you travel by car or walk. You are welcome to drive into the drop offarea outside the school gate. It is requested that you do not block the lanes of traffic in order to keep
traffic moving.
It is vital that your child’s arrives to school and is collected on time so please do your very best to ensure
this occurs daily.
Parents are not permitted to enter the yard in the mornings – please bring your daughter to the
gate and she can go to her class area in the yard of her own accord.
Your daughter is welcome to enter the yard at this time and play until the bell goes. The yards will be
appropriately supervised from 9.00 am. Please note that there will be no supervision before this time and
your daughter is not permitted to be on the yard due to health, safety and insurance issues.
Note; Please avoid dropping your daughter to school before the above times especially on
wet/very cold mornings.

Collection at end of school day

Collection times remain unchanged from last year.

Finishing times:
Junior Infants; 12.30pm (for the first 12 school days) 1.45pm from Monday September 18th

Senior Infants; 1.45pm
1st and 2nd class; 2.45pm
3rd, 4th,5th and 6th class; 2.50pm

Collection procedures will be the same as last year. If collecting by car, you may wait in one of the three
lanes in the drop off area. When your child’s class comes out, the teacher or another member of staff will
bring your child to your car. Please remain in your car during collection.

New Car Park

We are delighted that our staff car park is just about finished and ready for use for the new school year.
Please note that this is a staff only car park and is not to be used by parents or people dropping
children off to school. A barrier will be in place in the coming weeks to ensure this is the case. You are
still very welcome to drive into the drop off area that has always been used – please stay in lane to
ensure easy access and exit for all.

New pupils on the first day of school

We are delighted to welcome new pupils in many classes across the school. On the first day of school
we will meet you and your parent(s) at the gate and you will be all shown where to go and where your
class is. You are all very welcome here in Good Counsel and we are delighted to have you.

School Book Scheme

As communicated at the end of the last school year, the Department of Education have provided funding
to all primary schools to buy books for all children. You do not have to buy any books as they will be
provided here. Your daughter is asked to bring her school bag and lunch to school. She is also welcome
to bring a pencil case/pencils/colours etc although she will be provided with them if required.

Although all of the books are provided, you are required to pay for photocopying for your daughter for theschool year. The amounts are below and payment is by cash only please. Your daughter may give this
amount to the class teacher in an envelope with her name on it or it can be given to Tracey our secretary.
Junior and Senior Infants: €30
1st class – 6th class: €25

School Uniform

As ever, the girls are required to wear a full school uniform coming to school every day. The girls may
wear a tracksuit on P.E. day which will be assigned by their class teacher.
A full uniform consists of:

A pinafore/skirt
School shirt
Navy/white socks or tights
Flat black shoes

Junior Infants

We are delighted to welcome our incoming Junior Infant class for the coming year. For the parents,
please remember that school for the incoming Juniors starts at 9.30am for the first day of school. You are
welcome to walk your daughter into the yard/to her class for the first day of school.
The Junior infants will finish at 12.30pm for the first 12 days of school. We will be in touch to remind you
when time changes.

New Staff

We are delighted to welcome three new staff members to our team here in Good Counsel for the coming
year. Ms Alice Hutchinson will take up the position of Senior Infants class teacher and Ms. Aoife White
will be the Special Education Teacher (SET) for the coming year. Mrs. Aine Morrissey will take up the
position of SNA for the coming year also. Best wishes to all in your new posts!

North Quay Traffic

It is great to see such activity along the North Quay. Please bear in mind that with such activity and
progress comes disruption. There will be traffic disruption in Ferrybank and around our school for the
foreseeable future. I will endeavour to update the school community on any information provided to me
regarding such disruption. It is important that you give yourself extra time in the morning and afternoons
and please be patient as delays are expected.

Wishing you all a happy return to school and an enjoyable school year.
Yours sincerely,
J. Nagle

Summer Time!!

Dear Parents, Guardians, Pupils and Friends of the school,

I hope this update finds everyone well and that you are all ready for the summer break. We have had a very busy few weeks as the school year draws to a close. I hope you all received your daughter’s report card in the post and all of the other information that was included. If you didn’t, please give Tracey, our secretary a call and we will get it sorted.

The girls were given the opportunity to meet their new class teacher in their new classroom on Friday for a little while! They were all very excited and I’m sure they will all quickly settle into their new classes in the new school year!

Last Tuesday we welcomed the new junior infants and their parents. We are delighted to have met you all and I hope you are all looking forward to the new school year in late August. 

We also bade farewell to the 6th class girls on Friday who had their graduation in school. Many thanks to all parents who attended – we hope you all enjoyed the ceremony which was very entertaining and emotional it must be said! Thank you to Ms. Burke and all of the teachers and staff for their efforts over the years in providing an education to the girls to help them better themselves and to prepare them for secondary school. All the best to the girls both in secondary school and in the future. You all have the world at your feet!


Congratulations to Ms. Claire Harney who is one of our SET teachers who recently had a baby boy. We hope you are all doing well!

Congratulations also to Ms. Jean Evans, SNA who will be moving schools to St. Senan’s, Kilmacow next year. Although we are very sad to lose you, we wish you the very best in your new school!

Sports Day

Everyone had a great day in school on Thursday last for Sports Day. Thank you to Ms. Shanahan for her efforts in planning the day out so well for all the classes! The girls enjoyed a day full of activities including an Inflatable obstacle course, an inflatable slide and ice pops to cool down on what was a beautiful day!

Please click on the link to see some of the photos taken on the day – Sports Day 2023 (Photos)

Useful information for parents

Summer Stars Reading Adventure – Waterford Libraries recently launched the Summer Stars Reading Adventure. This would be a great way to keep your daughter busy and reading over the summer. Our library here in Ferrybank will be partaking in the initiative.

Please read the letter here – Summer Stars Reading Adventure – Letter to Parents

You will find more information on Summer Stars here – Summer Stars information

Ferrybank AFC – Members of Ferrybank AFC have been in touch with the school and have asked us to pass on a message to parents regarding girls soccer and summer camps. Please click here – Message from Ferrybank AFC

Primary Curriculum – The Department of Education are in the process of making changes to the Primary Curriculum with more changes planned in the future. It is important parents are kept up to date with these changes and relevant information can be found here – Primary Curriculum – Information for parents. Please note that the leaflet on the above link is available in many different languages on the page.

North Quays Newsletter – You can keep up to date with the developments on the North Quay here – North Quays Newsletter (June)

Half Day on Wednesday

A gentle reminder that we get our Summer holidays tomorrow, Wednesday, June 28th:

Junior and Senior Infants @ 12.10pm

1st and 2nd class @ 12.15pm

3rd – 6th class @ 12.20pm

Finally, just a message to you all to wish you the best for the summer holidays. On what has been a busy year for the school in many ways, I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome I have received since I arrived in late January. We are very lucky to have such a hard working staff who want only the best for every girl that comes through our door. Thank you to the Board of Management and Parents Association for their help and hard work in making our school a better place for everyone. Thanks to all of the parents and thank you to the girls themselves who continue to be a pleasure to work with.

Have a lovely summer and we will see everyone back on Thursday, August 31st.

All the best,

J. Nagle – Principal

Amber Flag 

The Wellbeing Warriors made the announcement we have been awarded our Amber Flag renewal today. A huge thank you to the children, staff and committee for their hard work during the year. It goes to show that by working together, we can achieve wonderful things.  


A huge thank you to Doxer Burns for teaching First -Fourth Class camogie skills over the last few weeks in Ferrybank GAA itch. The girls had a great time and learnt some new skills.

Ms. Shanahan