Fourth Class Blog

May Catch Up

May is always a busy time and this may has been no different.

Today 3rd and 4th class had their school tour to Dunmore Cave and Rothe House in Kilkenny and the girls enjoyed themselves no end.

4th class have been successful in not 1 but 2 camogie blitz, doing themselves and our school proud.

They are also really enjoying learning to cycle correctly and safely on the yard, with each girl showing great improvement in only a few weeks.

Enjoy the bank holiday and the weekend.

Happy Easter

It has been a very busy terms. From peace proms to Paddys day, we have arrived this week at Easter. We have been reading about events of Easter week, creating funky bunny art and using our ever developing Maths skills, to crack a code, on an Easter Egg hunt. Safe to say, Maths has never been so fun. Enjoy the break everyone!

Peace Proms

Congratulations to the girls in 4th and 5th class on their wonderful performance in Peace Proms. They were just fantastic and according to one volunteer at peace proms, our school brought the party. The girls have worked very hard on their singing and dancing and we can agree, it paid off. They were fantastic.

We continued a busy week with world book day, where the book characters came out in force.

Dancing and Learning

The girls have been very busy preparing for their peace proms performance, learning songs, learning choreography and coming up with their own routine, a special treat for us all to look forward to.

They are extending these dancing skills not just in PE and music but in learning both long and short multiplication and doing so very well.

Merry Christmas

The girls have had a great time this December. They have been engaging in procedural writing and enjoyed it no end, writing about making salt clay ornaments, paper baubles and reindeer hot chocolate bags.

The girls have been performing mad, performing their carols in the Little Sisters of the Poor and in the church. I think we can all agree the guys with the shades were fantastic. Their final performance is a Christmas Dance just for our class.

4th Class wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you all in 2024!

Science Week

The girls have been busy over the past two weeks getting ready for science week. Each group performed an experiment both junior and senior infants class. They were learning about magnets, acids and bases using baking powder and vinegar, static electricity and water refraction. All the girls and mini muinteoirs really enjoyed themselves.

The girls in 4th class also had a great time at a Peace Proms workshop in the SETU this week. They enjoyed singing and dancing with all the other schools and cannot wait til March for their big performance.

Mission Week

On Wednesday, the girls in 4th class held a mission week shop in the hall. The girls made posters to advertise their goods, made presentations to classes, set up the hall and ran it all so well. So many wonderful toys and books were available and the most scrumptious treats. Well done to all the girls and their families for presenting such lovely things.