Fourth Class Blog

4th Class Walking School Tour

On Tuesday, 4th set off on their school tour where they visited Reginalds Tower, The Silver Museum and The People’s Park. With the glorious weather and plenty of sun cream applied the girls had a very enjoyable day and covered over 6km in walking distance throughout the day.

STEM Awards

This year the school took part in a STEM initiative. The aim was to increase the interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) among pupils, teachers and parents. We submitted our work/projects/activities for the Discovery Primary Science and Maths award 2021/2022 and achieved a plaque in STEM. Below are some photos from the virtual award ceremony. Great achievement and effort by the pupils and staff of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Check out our STEM website on this link;


4th Class really enjoyed orienteering with Ms. Harney around the school grounds. They learned how to work together in their groups, read a map and figure out and record answers.

Happy St. Patricks Day from 4th Class

St. Brigid’s Day

4th class have been busy learning about the life of St. Brigid, her achievements and traditions such as the St. Brigid Day Cross. Below are some examples of how we got on constructing the crosses.

Nuacht Rang a 4

This week Rang a 4 have been busy with Christmas Art. Some of our creations include a ‘Winter Scene’, a ‘Snowman Christmas Tree’ decoration and a ‘Christmas window view’.

In Irish we have been learning about ‘An Nollaig’ and in Maths we have been exploring ‘Division’. We are also preparing for our Christmas Zoom with parents which takes place next Friday.

Nuacht Rang a 4

4th class are currently reading and enjoying the novel ‘Gangsta Granny’ by David Walliams. In Irish we have started the aimsir caite (past tense). In Maths we have been responding to and making up ‘likely’, ‘unlikely’ and ‘never’ sentences, using dice and flipping coins and exploring the topic of chance. Last week was Science week and 4th class carried out experiments in school and some girls tried out a few experiments at home such as the skittles and floating egg experiment. We had a zoom meeting on Friday where we learned facts about cows, milk and grass.