First Class Blog

Habitats Coisceim

The girls continued their learning about habitats and animals this week with habitat stations.

Each group read about hibernation, wrote sentences about where animals lived, played a game guessing an animal and made collages of animals that live in the same habitat.

The girls are really enjoying this topic and are excited to keep learning about it, next week when we start some projects.

Animal Homes

The girls are settling back in well after the midterm break. We started learning about animal homes or habitats this week.

The girls looked at the name of different habitats and some animals that lived there.

They also pretended to be animals. You can see some squirrels hibernating in a tree trunk in the forest below.

Mission Week

The girls in first class had a fantastic week this week, celebrating their first of many mission weeks.

They really enjoyed going shopping, getting treats and especially entering colouring competitions.

The week finished with a bang today, with all the girls in wonderful costumes and showing off their fantastic talents with singing, dancing and gymnastics on display.

Happy Halloween to you all.

Maths Week

The girls in first class had great fun celebrating Maths Week this week.

We explored shapes, data collection, skip counting and odd and even numbers through books, activities and games.

Our book Froggy Song, promoting skip counting, was definitely the class favourite. We finished the week off with a maths trail around our school.

Performance of Froggy Song Puppet Show to practice skip counting

Our School

The girls are learning about Our School. There were able to recall so much that they knew about school from our rules, to our uniform and the subjects we learn everyday. Something new they learnt was the history of the school, as told in the mural in the shelter on the yard and we are very thankful to Tracey for telling us what the school was like when she went to school here . They sketched beautiful pictures of our school during art time.

Camogie Fun

The girls in first class are working hard and settling back into school very well. They are experiencing a lot of new things like the longer day but also have had their first few sessions of Camogie training, up at the GAA pitch. The girls are really enjoying it and with more practice, I could see a few All- Stars in our midst.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig !!!

A day of festive cheer and some farewells.