Fifth Class Blog

Explanation Writing

In Fifth Class, as part of SPHE and Science, we have been studying how to be healthy. Subsequently, in English, the girls were asked to write a piece of text, explaining How to be Healthy. Here are a couple of the final pieces for you to read!

A lovely morning last week for a walk to the local library :)

We had fun making decorations for our new classroom in Art!

Pom Pom Art!

The Fifth Class girls were busy making pom poms during Art. They decided to make a new door display with some of them!

Movement Break!

The Fifth Class girls love doing Just Dance dances for their movement breaks between lessons!!!!

Sewing Button Art!

Our Fifth Class girls have been busy sewing buttons onto hessian last week. Check out some of their framed creations 🙂 They found it very relaxing!

Fifth Class Health & Wellbeing!

In Fifth Class, we are learning about how to eat a more balanced diet. We studied The Food Pyramid in Science and SPHE and created a 3D Food Pyramid in Art.

We are also jogging laps of the school yard every morning and out playing games like Tip the Can, Cops and Robbers, Hide and Seek, Catch, with our teacher (once our other work is done!) to get fit and for our mental wellbeing. We are really enjoying it!