Senior Infants Blog

Christmas Dancing in P.E.

Christmas Aistear 🎅

We wrote lovely letters to Santa.
We created Elfie Selfies. The girls loved seeing themselves being transformed into elves.
In the small world area, we acted out Christmas stories with the puppets.

Christmas Dinner 🍽️

We created Christmas dinner menus. We cut out and sorted food by starter, main course and dessert. We labeled the food on our menus.
This activity got the girls thinking of what are the different meals over the course of a day. Do we eat starters and desserts every day? Why is this meal special? Why are we celebrating? Who’s birthday are we celebrating?

Snow woman Insulation Experiment ☃️

We have been learning all about winter and discussing the changes in weather. We discussed why we need to wear our winter clothes, to keep us warm.

The girls were shown two blocks of ice (snowwomen). We discussed whether a coat would keep one colder for longer or would it speed up the melting process.

We predicted which snow woman would melt first….and unsurprisingly a lot of the girls thought a coat would keep the snow woman warm, hence she should melt first, right?
However, the snowwoman without a coat, actually melted first and filled the bowl with water. Why is this? The coat acted as an insulator. Insulators do not allow the passage heat.
The children are excited and hoping for snow so they can build a snowman and put a jacket on it so it will last longer and not melt in the sun!

Houses and Homes with Ms Whelan🏠

We have been very lucky to have Ms Whelan with us for the last three weeks. We have had so many fun and interactive lessons.
In history, we have been learning about homes in the past. We explored real evidence, looking at video tapes, vinyl disks, cassette tapes, telephones etc. It was exciting, as some of the girls had never seen a vinyl or a video tape before!
We compared these household items from the past with what we use today.
The girls sorted items in groups by old and new.
In aistear, we have been busy creating our own house dioramas. Thank you to all the parents for the shoeboxes. We have learned language based on the different rooms and furniture in the house.
The girls coloured, cut and sorted furniture into different rooms in their houses. Their creations have turned out great!

👻🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃🦇

The Senior Infant classroom was Super Spooky today and all the girls looked fantastic in their costumes! Well done to all the mams and dads for helping the girls dress up this morning. We had great fun.

Wishing all the girls a safe and happy mid-term break. 😃

🧹Room on the Broom🧹

We read Julia Donaldson’s book ‘Room on a Broom‘ and completed a guided drawing of the witch on the broom. We tried to remember all the details in Axel Scheffler’s illustration such as the plait in her hair, a brooch, cape etc. Did we remember all the details in our pictures?

Morning Literacy Stations

Station 1: Create words from play dough based on the story ‘Room on a broom’.

Station 2: Practice our writing skills, writing sentences about Halloween.

Station 3: Search for sounds amongst the witches green, gooey hair and form CVC words.