The School Bell

Happy Christmas

Dear Mams, Dads, Pupils and Staff,

After a most unusual first term, it is time to take a break, relax and enjoy Christmas with our families. Thank you to everyone in our school community for your support and co-operation since September and please continue to stay safe during the holidays so that we can re-open as planned on January 6th.

Wishing all of you and your families the peace and joy of Christmas and every blessing in 2021.

Yours sincerely,

C. O’Reilly


Christmas Raffle

Thank you very much to everyone who bought tickets for our Christmas Raffle. The raffle will take place (safely!) on Monday and we will publish the results on the school website.

A Message from Your Parents’ Association

We would like to sincerely thank all the parents who so generously supported our Christmas Raffle.  Together we raised an astonishing €700 for our school.  Many thanks also to the Jolly Barber and Mr. Price who very kindly donated prizes. Best of luck and Happy Christmas from all on the Parents’ Association.

Christmas Assembly

We have been holding our weekly Assemblies on Zoom and it is wonderful to get all the children together and to hear the news from each class. On Monday, we will have our very special Christmas Assembly and the girls will share the wonderful work they have been doing as each class adopts a reindeer.

Staying Safe at Christmas

Here are some links to useful advice about staying safe and keeping others safe at Christmas.

Public Health Guidance on Visitors To Our Homes


Staying Well This Winter

Visiting Nursing Homes

Managing a Case of Corona Virus in Your Home

We are Adopting Reindeer!

Dear Dads, Mams, Pupils and Staff,

Christmas will be a little different everywhere this year but that does not mean we cannot celebrate. We cannot have our usual Carol Service and unfortunately the latest advice from the HSE is that we need to be very careful about singing indoors. However, we have a plan!

During December, each class is working towards ‘adopting’ one of Santa’s reindeer.

Junior Infants – Comet – this bright, shining comet leads us to the manger in Bethlehem so we are learning the story of the Nativity.

Senior Infants – Cupid – this kind reindeer leads us to thinking of others, so we are making cards for the residents of St. Joseph’s and Madonna House.

First Class – Donner – this considerate reindeer leads us to do a good deed every day during Advent.

Second Class – Prancer – we are following this active reindeer’s example and we are doing an Advent Fitmas Bootcamp!

Third Class – Vixen – this clever reindeer speaks many languages, so we are learning about Christmas customs around the world.

Fourth Class – Dasher – this talented reindeer is teaching us to look after the world by having a sustainable Christmas.

Fifth Class – Dasher – another active reindeer so we have choreographed a Christmas – themed dance for Peace Proms.

Sixth Class – Blitzen – this reindeer is a leader, so we have taken on a leadership role in our school.

Staff – Rudolph – he brightens the way for Santa so we are doing all we can to keep spirits up at this special time of year.

You will hear more about our adoptions as the month goes on so be sure to check out the Class Blogs and the Latest News tabs on our website.

Yours sincerely,

C. O’Reilly – Principal

Homework Survey

Today, you will receive a text with a link to our survey on Homework. Please take a few minutes to do the survey. The questions are listed here but the survey must be done online.

  1. In your experience does Homework help your child to learn?

Always                 Often                   Sometimes                         Never

  • In your experience does Homework make your child want to learn?

Always                 Often                   Sometimes                         Never

  • Does Homework cause tension in your house?

Always                 Often                   Sometimes                         Never

  • Would not having Homework done make your child unhappy coming to school?

  Always                 Often                   Sometimes                         Never  

  • Would not having Homework done be a reason for your child to stay at home from school?

  Always                 Often                   Sometimes                         Never  

  • Choose your top 3 options for Homework?

Active homework e.g. exercises, skipping, Go Noodle dance routine, etc.

Board games suited to the child’s age that support learning e.g. Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo

Card games to support addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Helping with jobs around the house – dusting, setting the dinner table, etc.


Meditation time

Project work over a certain period e.g. 3 weeks to complete a project

Practical homework e.g. organise all the boxes in your cupboard by weight, measure the height of each member of your family, find 10 things in your house beginning with the sound ‘c’

Reading – English or Gaeilge


Spellings – English or Gaeilge

Science experiments  


Visual Arts – Music, Art, Drama based activities

Writing – English, Gaeilge, History, Geography, Science

  • Do you agree or disagree?

Homework should be voluntary.

Homework should be done at home (not in childcare) and should be corrected by parents/guardians.

Homework should be done at home (not in childcare) and corrected in school.

  • Since September, we have not given the children any homework, other than a small amount of reading. In your opinion, has this 

been less stressful for your family

about the same for your family

made you worried about your child’s progress

Staying Safe

On Tuesday evening, Miss Kelly and Miss O’Reilly attended a webinar organised by the Department of Education and the HSE.

We learned that schools have done a good job in staying open and in keeping the spread of Corona virus to a minimum. In the wider community, the positivity rate among close contacts is 10% but in schools it is only 2.3%.

We also learned that, to keep the rates down, we must keep doing the simple things that keep us safe: This is extremely important as restrictions are lifted over the next few weeks.

  • Social distancing
  • Good sneezing/coughing etiquette
  • Hand hygiene

There were some very clear messages:

  • Anyone who is unwell with Covid-like symptoms should stay at home
  • Anyone who travels outside of the country should restrict their movements for 14 days after they return, even if they have a negative Covid test.

We are very grateful for your help and support in keeping our school open. Please, please, please continue to do what we are asking of you.

  • If you are dropping or picking up in a car, please stay in your car.
  • If you are walking, please wear a face covering and do not stand in, or approach the line where the children are waiting.

We can do this together!


We had a beautiful Assembly on Friday last to mark the start of Advent. We lit the first candle on our Advent Wreath and Mrs. Burke’s Fifth Class led us in a reflection on the Advent wreath and what is means. Thank you to Fr. Kieran for making the time to join us on Zoom. We are waiting in joy and hope for the birth of Baby Jesus.

December 8th

We will be joining the Parish community for Mass through the webcam on December 8th. This is a Holy Day of Obligation to mark the Immaculate Conception. It is also the day on which we celebrate the birthday of our school. If you would like to join with us, just go to the link and hit play Mass begins at 10.30a.m.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Due to Covid-19 we cannot collect shoeboxes this year. However, if you would like to take part, there is an option to do so online. Just go to the Team Hope website for all the details. 

Important Note

School will close early on Wednesday 16th December to facilitate a Staff Meeting. Junior and Senior Infants @ 1.40p.m. First and Second Class @ 1.50p.m. and all other classes at 2.oop.m.


Go Raibh Maith Agat Day or Thank You Day is on Friday December 11th. You will hear more about it through the media over the coming days.

Christmas Cards

As a Green School, we try very hard to put our words into action. For example, since the start of this school year, we have photocopied 1,449 fewer pages just by moving ‘The School Bell’ online.

Every year, we ask the girls not to bring Christmas cards to school for their friends. Instead, each child will make a Christmas card for another child in her class. That way, everyone receives a card, and no-one is left out. It also means we reduce the number of cards in the school from 5,150 to 207!

Santa’s Special Message

In case you have any worries about Santa being able to travel this Christmas, listen to an interview with the Irish Ambassador to Finland and Santa! 

Comhairle na nÓg

Well done to Saoirse (6th Class) who took part in Comhairle na nÓg last weekend. Saoirse is our Good Counsel Good Citizen of the Year 2020 and we are delighted that she is showing such leadership.

All We Want for Christmas is Liam!

Of course we cannot finish our newsletter without mentioning the Déise boys and their wonderful win in the All Ireland Semi-Final. If you look closely, you might notice that lots of our Christmas decorations are blue and white this year, and do not be surprised if you see a few blue and white Santa hats appearing! We have lots of Kilkenny fans here too and we know that they are also very proud of their county.  The very best of luck to Waterford in the All-Ireland Hurling Final on December 13th. What a way to bring this most unusual year to a close.

Parents’ Association Raffle Tickets

A big thank you to everyone that has returned their raffle tickets for the Parents’ Association Christmas Raffle the response has been wonderful.  The last day to return your tickets if you haven’t already done so it next Wednesday December 9th, Best of Luck!

Redouble efforts to drive down Covid-19

Dear Dads, Mums, Pupils and Staff,

We have been asked to share this appeal with you. It can be hard to keep going and to keep following the guidelines, but it is the only way to make sure that we all stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

C. O’Reilly – Principal

Redouble efforts to drive down Covid-19

– a joint appeal by the HSE, Waterford City and County Council and the Gardai

The HSE, Waterford City and County Council and the Gardai are appealing to people locally to redouble their efforts to drive down transmissions of Covid-19.

The three principal response agencies have expressed their concern at the substantial rise in figures of confirmed cases in Co. Waterford recorded by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NEPHT) over recent days.

The HSE, the local authority and the Gardai say most of the public in city and county areas have been brilliant throughout the recent level 5 and other stages of pandemic management. The three agencies acknowledge the huge sacrifices that have been made by individuals, families and communities in Co. Waterford and have reiterated the message that if people apply “the basics” that such actions to suppress the virus can and will work.

Since the declaration of the pandemic in March of this year, in general, the Waterford and South East area has excelled in efforts to maintain low levels of Covid-19 transmission. The HSE, Waterford City and County Council and the Gardai say the increase of recent days can be reversed, as has happened previously, and that things can return to moving in the right direction for the remainder of the current phase of pandemic management.

The HSE, Waterford City and County Council and the Gardai, in reminding the public to comply with Level 5 restrictions are once more highlighting the message that “it’s in our hands” – via the continued practice of the “basics”:

  • Reduce your contacts with other people.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Wash your hands.


  • Information about level 5 restrictions is at


Thank you again to everyone who is helping to make our Stop, Drop/Pick Up, Go system so successful. We know that it may take a few minutes extra on rainy days and we appreciate your patience. Here are some little reminders to keep you and everyone else safe:

  • If you are driving, please stay in your car. A staff member will bring your child to you.
  • Use the drive through system and do not block traffic by parking on the road.
  • If you are walking, please wear a mask and do not stand in line with the girls.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

The girls are strongly encouraged not to bring mobile phones to school. If for some reason, a child absolutely must bring a mobile phone to school, it should be switched off outside the gate and given to the teacher before class begins. The girls are usually very good about doing that. However, if the phone is not handed up it will be confiscated, and a Parent/Guardian will need to come to the school to collect it. Smart watches are also considered electronic devices and are not allowed at school.

Comhairle na nÓg

Comhairle na nÓg ( are local councils for children and young people, aged 12-17, that give them a voice on the development of local policies and services. This year, Waterford Comhairle na nÓg will hold its annual general meeting, online, on Saturday, 28th November 2020 between 11am and 1pm. The topic this year is Nature and the Environment

If you are aged 12 or over, and you would like to take part, please contact Miss O’Reilly and she will give you all the information you need to take part. You must register for the event before November 24th.

Weekly Assembly

We are delighted to have gotten back to our weekly Assemblies. All the children and the staff have been meeting through Zoom on Friday mornings and it is working very well for us. Last Friday, Miss Kelly led a short reflection on the theme of the Holy Souls. Next, each class reported on some of the things that they had been working on during the week. After that, Miss O’Reilly had some announcements and reminders, and this was followed by our Green School Wrapper Report. Before we finished, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to anyone who had celebrated a big day during the week. Finally, as it was World Kindness Day, we closed the Assembly with a short meditation suggested by Mrs. Power on the theme of kindness.

High Vis Jackets

Many thanks to Mrs. Shanahan who sourced some High Vis Jackets for the girls in our school from the RSA.  As you know our school is located on a busy road with lots of construction and other forms of traffic coming and going throughout the day.  The mornings and evenings are getting darker making it even more important to be as visible as possible.

 We have a Stop, Drop & Go system in place which is working very well in the mornings and afternoons and those children who can are making a great effort to walk/scoot to school. If the girls wear their High Vis Jackets, they will be clearly seen by all other road users keeping them safe.  The Jackets are also very helpful to the staff during drop off and collection as the children can be clearly identified.  We are very grateful to have received the jackets and we hope that the girls will put them to good use over the coming months.  Remember – Be Safe Be Seen.

Camogie News

Hi All, Ferrybank Camogie Club and Waterford Camogie Development Officers wish to invite students of 4th, 5th and 6th Class to come and try out camogie in a fun and friendly environment on Wednesday, 18/11/20 at 3:15pm to 4:15pm in the Ferrybank GAA Hurling Alley. No experience required! Those who are interested can go to the Ferrybank GAA Hurling Alley after school for Camogie coaching. Hurleys and helmets can be provided. If students have their own equipment, they are advised to bring along. Thank you. Siobhán Heffernan, 0862611894.


Dear Dads, Mams, Pupils and Staff,

I hope that all of you enjoyed the break from school. We are delighted to have the girls back with us for the second half of the term. As I write, I am looking out at Junior and Senior Infants playing in the sunshine. Since school re-opened in September, we have been blessed with fine weather most days so the girls can get out for their breaks, and to do their Daily Mile every day.

As we move into winter, the weather will get colder. However, on public health advice, we must continue to ventilate the classrooms and the buildings. This means leaving windows and doors open as much as possible.

It probably sounds like something my Granny would say, but it is advisable from now on for the girls to wear thermal tops under their shirts or tracksuit tops. Nice long woolly tights rather than short socks will also help. Finding the balance between keeping Covid-19 out and staying warm is not easy, but I am sure that like everything else we have done since March, we can manage it together.

Wishing you and your families continued good health.

Yours sincerely,

C. O’Reilly – Principal


A warm welcome to Miss Máiréad Power who has joined the staff until Ms. Rellis returns from her Maternity Leave. Miss Power will work with the Special Education Team.


If you are dropping off or collecting children from the school, please wear a face covering to help to keep yourself and our staff members safe.

Waterford Public Participation Network (PPN)

Waterford PPN is working to develop a vision for Community Wellbeing for Waterford. You are invited to attend a virtual workshop on Tuesday 10th November at 7p.m. You will find more information and a Registration Form on the PPN website

What To Do If You or Your Child Has a Problem

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, a problem will arise that needs to be sorted out. In our school, we follow the nationally agreed procedure for dealing with any concerns or problems and even though times are very different right now, the procedure still applies. Conversations may now need to be held over the phone, but we can still work things out. Thankfully, it is our experience, that we very rarely need to go past No. 1 or No. 2 as most problems can be sorted out quickly when adults can have a reasonable conversation with each other. So, if you or your child has a problem, this is what you need to do:

1. Make an appointment to speak with the class teacher. To do this, call the school office on 051 -832984.

Problem solved?           Yes – procedure finished                      No – Go to next step

2. Make an appointment to speak with the school principal. To do this, call the school office on 051 -832984.

Problem solved?           Yes – procedure finished                      No – Go to next step

3. Make an appointment to speak with the chairperson of the Board of Management. To do this, call the school office on 051 -832984.

Problem solved?           Yes – procedure finished                      No – Go to next step

4. Lodge a complaint in writing with the chairperson of the Board of Management

Problem solved?           Yes – procedure finished                      No – Go to next step

5. Chairperson makes a formal report to the Board of Management

6. The Board determines whether or not the complaint is substantiated.

Problem solved?           Yes – procedure finished                      No – Go to next step

7. The Board conducts an investigation

The Board makes a decision and informs the parent/guardian and the person against whom the complaint was made in writing of its decision. The decision of the Board shall be final.

The Folens Christmas Annual is available to order from you daughter’s teacher until November 20th. This is the 50th Anniversary so to celebrate the annuals are reduced to €2 each including a pencil or pen.

UNESCO International Day Against Violence and Bullying in Schools including Cyberbullying

The very first international day against bullying in schools is being marked today, 5th November 2020. Our school’s Anti-Bullying Policy is available to read on the Polices page of Maybe today would be a good time to talk to your child about what bullying really means, and how important it is to speak up if they see someone else being bullied for any reason. In our experience, most of the concerns that come to our attention relate to the girls’ use of social media outside of school. There are some great resources for families available on .


During the month of November, we remember all those who have died – our family members and friends, anyone in our school community and especially all those who have no-one to pray for them or to remember them.

What a surprise!

On Monday morning when we returned to school, Mrs Ryan had some wonderful news that the author Alan Nolan was going to do a video call with 4th class. We had really enjoyed reading his book Conor’s Caveman together as our class novel.

We had so many questions to ask Alan but knowing his time was precious we narrowed it down to six questions. One of the questions we asked was about how he spent lockdown. He answered all our questions with enthusiasm and excitement.

Alan Nolan also illustrates his own books and he explained a step by step guide on how to draw a Penguin. We sent him our drawings later on that day and he replied straight away saying that our drawings were only brilliant and that he was so impressed with our crazy, colourful penguins.

We also asked Alan had he any books coming out for Christmas and he told us that he and Sarah Webb were bringing out a book called Animal Crackers. We can’t wait to get our hands on that book! We are going to start another book by Alan this week. It is called Sam Hannigan’s Woof week…………we are so excited.

A big thanks to Alan for making our first day back to school so exciting and memorable!

Reminder: The Folens Christmas Annual is available to order from you daughter’s teacher until November 20th. This is the 50th Anniversary so to celebrate the annuals are reduced to €2 each including a pencil or pen.

Stay Safe at Hallowe’en

Dear Dads, Mams, Pupils and Staff,

Thank you all so much for helping us to keep our school open since September 1st. We are delighted to have made it safely to the mid-term break and we are all looking forward to a rest. What amazing costumes the girls are wearing today – thank you for all your efforts. We know there’s great work behind the scenes to get everything organised.

The good work needs to carry on during the break. We know that the girls might miss being able to go out Trick or Treating, but they will also understand why they can’t do that this year.

Why not have a traditional Hallowe’en at home this year and play some games as a family.

Blind Man’s Buff was always a favourite in my house when I was growing up.

What about Snap Apple? All you need is an apple and a long piece of string.

You can also duck for apples in a basin of water, but only if there is an adult with you.

Lots of you got into baking during lock down, Why not make your very own  Báirín (the traditional cake for Hallowe’en)?

Maybe the girls could Trick or Treat in their own homes? Ask Mam or Dad to stay in the kitchen or the sitting room and knock on those doors.

However you celebrate, please stay home and stay safe so that we can re-open the school on 2nd November.

Yours sincerely,

C. O’Reilly – Principal

Frank the Pumpkin (Fourth Class) reminds us to stay safe by washing our hands, keeping our distance and wearing a mask.

He also reminds us that we should not be visiting each others houses for sleepovers!

Hand Sanitiser

You may have heard in the news that a brand of hand sanitiser has been withdrawn due to a concern about ingredients. We do not have that particular  brand of sanitiser in our school.

Free ‘Flu Vaccine for Children

Please check out this link for information on the free ‘flu vaccine for children.


We had a very special Zoom Assembly yesterday morning to celebrate Ms. Finucane’s 25 years at Our Lady of Good Counsel GNS. The girls prepared beautiful cards and entertained us with songs and poems. Mrs. Ryan’s Fourth Class led a Prayer Service to thank God for all the blessings Ms. Finucane has brought to our school. We wish Ms. Finucane well in her retirement.


We are delighted to announce that Mrs. Burke has been appointed as a permanent member of staff at Good Counsel GNS. Congratulations also to Miss Hall who has been appointed as Temporary Teacher, and she will remain with Third Class for the rest of this school year.

Farewell from Ms. Finucane

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is my last day as a member of staff in Good Counsel School. It’s such a cliché to say that time flies, but it really does!

I would like to say a huge thanks to the staff of Good Counsel, to Ms O’Reilly for her professionalism, her support, her kindness and empathy and her leadership skills which really came to the fore since  Covid 19 struck last February. It was an awesome task for herself and Ms Kelly to navigate us all through these difficult challenging times.

I would also like to thank my teaching colleagues and the ancillary staff. They were so easy to work with over the years, always so supportive and encouraging, patient and kind. No task was ever too great or too small and it made the working environment in Good Counsel so positive.

Lastly and most importantly I would like to thank you, the parents and guardians of all the children I had the privilege to teach since 1995. I loved seeing the potential for success in each child, not only academically but taking the ‘bigger picture’ into account, be it in art, music, drama……or just their interpersonal, social and coping,skills ,which should lead to a happy and fulfilled life.

 A huge thanks also to The Board of Management and The Parents’ Council for their unfailing support , generosity and concern for the wellbeing of all the staff.

I will really miss life in Good Counsel School and I wish everybody well in getting through these very difficult months. Hopefully all will be back to normal before too long. Keep up the ‘green spirit’ that hopefully is well embedded in the school by now.

Take care everybody and stay safe.

Le gach dea ghui

Bernadette Finucane

Folens Christmas Annuals

This year Folens are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Folens Christmas Annuals and are offering the annuals at the special price of €2 each. If you would like to order one for your daughter please send in the €2 to her teacher before November 20th.

Dear Dads, Mams, Pupils and Staff,

Thanks to the efforts of everyone in Waterford, it seems that the number of Covid-19 cases in the county is dropping. Now that the whole country has moved to Level 3 of the Government’s Plan for Living with Covid-19, please be particularly careful when you are dropping off or picking up children. This is to keep yourself, the children and our staff safe so that we can keep our school open.

Our drive through system works so please stay in your cars, and a staff member will bring your child to you. Try not to arrive too early for the 2 o’clock (Sen. Infant) or 3 o’clock (3rd to 6th) pick up as this means that the driving through area fills up very quickly. If you are walking, please wait at the top of the path. Spots are clearly marked around Madonna House gate to help you with social distancing. You are strongly advised to wear a face covering if you are standing waiting to collect your child.

We have been very lucky with the weather until now, but as the winter months arrive, it is likely that we will have colder and wetter days. The girls will be brought outside to the path as usual on rainy days, so it is important that they have warm coats and hats. No one likes standing in the rain, but we do ask you to have patience and let us get the children back safely to you.

As always, we are very grateful for your support and co-operation and we look forward to making it through together to the mid-term break.

Yours sincerely,

C. O’Reilly – Principal

Time to Say Farewell

At the end of the month we will say ‘Farewell’ to our wonderful Ms. Finucane, who is retiring on 30th October. Ms. Finucane wants to leave us quietly, with no fuss or ceremony. She has been such an important part of the Good Counsel teaching and management team for many years and we will miss her very much. Thank you for your kindness, care and concern for all the girls you have taught Ms. Finucane, and for being such a good friend to all your colleagues. Slán go fóill.


As you know the girls did not have any homework for the month of September. We are making a slow start to Homework for October and we are asking all the girls and their families to focus on reading. Have a look at the Class Blog on and you will see what they are being asked to do.

We are taking this opportunity to think a little bit about Homework, the reasons we set Homework, and the type of Homework that we set. In the next week or so, Mams and Dads will be asked to complete a short survey so that we can hear what parents have to say. We will also talk to the girls and get their opinions. When we gather all our information, we can make an informed decision about where to go from here.


In the next couple of weeks, teachers will begin using the Seesaw App for online learning with the children. Only those children whose parents have given their consent will be included. If you haven’t already done so, please contact your child’s teacher right away.

Peace Proms

When so many of our ususal activities have been cancelled or postponed, it was great to hear that the Peace Proms will go ahead as an online event during this school year. Once again, our school has been accepted to take part, and Mrs. Burke’s Fifth Class will represent us. Consent Forms have been sent to Mams and Dads, so please retrun them to Mrs. Burke by Monday next.

A big ‘Well Done’ to all our cyclists and scooters! Remember to wear your helmets and hig-vis vests.

A Message From the HSE

The HSE acknowledge all families and school staff have an essential role in stopping the spread of COVID-19, by making sure if anyone is displaying any symptoms (high temperature, a dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or taste), they stay at home and contact their GP – see and for further information.

Epilepsy Ireland

Rose Week 2020 takes place from October 12th – 19th. It is Epilepsy Ireland’s national fundraising week.  40,000 people in Ireland have epilepsy and 10,000 of them are children. Epilepsy is a neurolgical condition . Anyone with a diagnosis of Epilepsy may experience seizures. There are many different types of seizures that can last seconds or minutes. These seizures are happening in the brain which is the computer of the body. It has millions of nerves that send out messages by passing electrical signals. These signals tell us how to walk, how to lift our arms, allow us to taste chocolate, to hear music and all the other things that we can do.

When a person has epilepsy, sometimes the brain produces a wrong signal and the messages get mixed up. The person can have a seizure. An ‘absence seizure’ is just one type that lasts seconds, where the person will stop what they are doing, pause and when the seizure is over will continue what they were doing.


To keep all of our girls safe, our school is a ‘Nut Free Zone’. Please do not give your child any products containing nuts such as cereal bars, Nutella, etc.

Mental Helath Awareness Week

This year has been a difficult one for many people for all sorts of reasons. Paying attention to mental helath is important and the message this year is about kindness. Check out this 1 minute video

Miss O’Reilly noticed a lovely act of kindness in the last week – one of our Dads jumped out his car on a rainy afternoon and gave an umbrella to a  Granny who was waiting to collect a child. You know who you are Dad – well done!

As par tof Mental Health Awareness Week, the very first National Traveller Mental Health Day (8th Ocotber 2020) is being organised to raise awareness and take action about the mental health crisis being experienced by Travellers. Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin will celebrate Mass at 12.30 today, President Michael D. Higgins will have a tree presentation ceremony, and members of the Traveller community are asked to to plant, make, draw or decorate a tree with messages of hope, prayers for those who have died or wishes for the future throughout the day.

Given the current crisis, this last activity is something that the entire community might get involved in.


A big ‘Welcome Back’ to Miss Cunniffe who returned to school on Monday. The girls in First Class enjoyed their time having Mr. Taylor as their teacher and we say ‘Thank you’ to him for his hard work during September.

We are also happy to welcome Miss Clodagh Whelan to our school for her final placement as a student teacher. It is always exciting for us to have one of our past pupils here as a teacher and we hope that Miss Whelan enjoys her time with us too.

An October Blessing

New month, new day, new life.

May this month bring you happiness, love, peace, an abundance of blessings and satisfaction.

May God fill your life with happimness beyond material possessions and may all the desires of your heart be granted.

May God bless you, your family and your loved ones all the days of your of your life.

Kelly’s Treehouse

Under 12 C Country final Winners!

A huge congratulations to our Ferrybank GAA Camogie girls in 5th & 6th Class and their mentors. They beat Dungarvan last weekend to become the Under 12 C Champions. The final result was 1-02 to 1-00. Well done Girls, we are all very proud of you, your mentors, the Club and your supporters. Here’s to more wins in the coming years. Don’t stop believing!

Miss Kelly

World Teachers’ Day

Monday, 5th of October was World Teachers’ day. We are so lucky in Our Lady of Good Counsel School to have such wonderful and caring teachers and SNAs to guide, inspire and mind us. We want to say a big thank you to all our teachers, SNAs and Miss O’Reilly for making our school a safe, happy and wonderful place to grow, learn and play. Thank you all!

Isabelle – 6th Class