Fifth Class Blog

Rudolf is coming to town! Check out his lit up nose!

Fifth Class are Learning about Electricity!

We used cable strippers to prepare our copper wires for our circuits
We were busy unscrewing the screws in the bulb holders to hold the copper wires in place.
In pairs, we created closed circuits, lighting a bulb.
Some of us even want to be electricians when we grow up!
We were given a task to light up two bulbs. We noticed the electrical supply was halved between the two bulbs, causing the light to be fainter.
We were determined then to light three bulbs!
We enjoyed learning about electricity today!

Getting our classroom ready for Christmas!

We are busy practising our Peace Proms Christmas Dance and song!

Our Celtic Art!

Fifth Class are learning about the Celts this week!

After learning about the Celts in class, we created quiz questions and inputted them into the quiz programme KAHOOT on our school tablets. We had great fun!

Halloween Fun!